Art Storage Services

With nearly 30,000 square feet of warehouse space at our Boca Raton location, we can store your art and mirrors without issue. We can hold onto your artwork until you are ready for installation or longer if necessary. Rosenbaum Art Services has years of experience in caring for different types of art pieces. We know how crucial it can be to keep art at the right temperature to avoid damage. This is why we offer climate-controlled art storage units.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of art services, including installation, packing and crating, and more.

Art Warehouse

During the process of art transportation or installation, you may need a place to hold your art or mirrors while their final destination is prepared. We can handle any type of art, from art to mirrors to custom-framed memorabilia. We offer secure art storage and safe handling of all items that we are trusted with. 

Our art storage units are all climate controlled and held at the perfect temperature for each piece of high-valued art. Each piece is itemized at arrival and upon departure through our extensive records. 

Why Are Climate Controlled Units Important?

With the many different types of valuable art that Rosenbaum Art Services sees and handles, we have experience in knowing what happens when pieces are properly taken care of. Many items require a carefully monitored temperature and environment to keep them in their best conditions. 

If a piece gets too hot or too cold, it can result in serious damage. Any damage can lower the functionality and even the value of the work of art. Storing pieces in a climate-controlled environment can even preserve older art or antique pieces. 

Possible damages, if not stored properly or from high humidity levels, include:

  • Warping
  • Cracked or split wood
  • Cracked or split leather
  • Corrosion of metals
  • Fading of dyes
  • Weeping or clouding of glass
  • Yellowing of papers

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