Art Installation

Rosenbaum Art Services proudly offers many different art resources, including our art installation service. No matter the shape, style, or size of your artwork, our team of trained professionals will be able to install your piece exactly where you want it. Our professionals will take care of every detail of properly installing your art. 

What Is Art Installation?

Art installment is a delicate job, which is why we recommend hiring experienced professionals to take care of your art installation for you. Whether it is a single mirror piece, placing a sculpture, or any other type of art installation, Rosenbaum’s professionals are experienced in both residential and commercial installations. 

Installations often mean putting something inside of something else. For example, taking a three-dimensional piece and putting it inside the house or on the wall and placing it into the space of your choice. You point us in the right direction, and we’ll make sure your art is safely installed.

It is our goal and promise to provide you with the highest quality service to properly handle and install your art. We will take care of it all, including security anchors, anti-theft systems, and other security measures to make sure your art installation is done safely and that it will remain safe and secure. 

We will also leave your place spotless, cleaning up any mess we might make during the installation. 

Where We Serve

You can obtain our services all throughout the tri-county area. If you are located in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade counties, then our team of professionals is at your disposal. Not only will each job be handled professionally, but each will also be done safely and with the goal of giving you peace of mind!

Contact Us

If you are looking for a trustworthy company to install your art, contact us! We have a highly trained and experienced team ready to help.